Chief Costa was a committed leader in addressing the opioid

Sununu said at a mid day news conference that he had already spoken at several events on Monday, adding, “I think it goes without saying everyone is a little bleary eyed. But it was exciting. It was a huge event not only for the NFL, but for New England.

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cheap ray ban sunglasses “I had shoulder length hair in those days,” said Ray. “And we were not so hot on the health and safety aspects of the job. But there were plenty of opportunities to learn a trade and construction work was aplenty in the area. Chief Costa was a committed leader in addressing the opioid crisis and focused on the need for treatment and recovery services as well as interdiction efforts. I appreciated his counsel, and I was always inspired by his kindness replica ray ban sunglasses, warm spirit, and commitment to helping others. My heart goes out to his loved ones and the entire Keene community at this difficult time.”. cheap ray ban sunglasses

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